Donetsk, Sep 7 - DAN. The Donetsk People’s Republic Ministry of Education and Science has recommended the first-ever DPR-written Donbass history textbook as key reference material for university students who are not studying history professionally, the Ministry’s press service told the Donetsk News Agency on Thursday.

“The first Donbass history textbook written in the Republic has met the Education and Science Ministry requirements,” the press service said. “It is recommended as the basic textbook for students who are not doing history majors.”

The textbook is titled “History: Donbass in the Context of Russian State Development.” The Ministry has also approved “Donbass History from Ancient Till Modern Times” for secondary education and vocational training schoolteachers.

The DPR set up the Expert Council to review textbooks for meeting Education and Science Ministry curriculum standards on August 17, 2017.*jk