Donetsk, Mar 27 – DAN. DPR school graduates will have an opportunity to pass Russia's Unified State Exam in examination offices in Matveyev Kurgan and Taganrog, DPR deputy minister od education and science Andrei Udovenko said.

"Following the agreement with the Minsitry of Education of the Rostov Oblast, our children will be taking Unified Exams in Matveyev Kurgan and Taganrog. They are located close to the Republic, it is a comfortable location."

The DPR Ministry will provide transport and supervising teachers and medical staff. This year, students can choose between 12 subjects to take exams in, Russian language and mathematics being mandatory.
About 260 pupils are expected to take the Russian exam this year.

The Unified State Exam is a series of exams every student must pass after graduation from school to enter a university or a college. Since 2009, the USE is the only form of graduation examinations in schools.*ot