Donetsk, Dec 16 – DAN. DPR professionals become sought-after as in times of the Soviet Union, as the Republic cooperates with the Russian Federation and its science and education regain Russian World identity, said Tatiana Polyakova, DPR Minister of Education and Science speaking at a round table on political results of the year and inter-regional cooperation with Russia.

"Our specialists are still known and sought-after all over the world, as well as in Soviet Era. In 25 years our resource base, methodology, findings were destroyed, but the minds were preserved. Every high-education institution in DPR has agreements with partner-institutions. Our graduates can receive certificates of Russian institutions."

DPR students participate in internships, conferences, challenges, and always show good results. Thesis committees work in collaboration with Russian scientists.
Polyakova said that all this brings DPR science and education back to the identity of the Russian World. Cooperation with Russia will remain a priority in 2017.

Acting Minister of Culture Mikhail Zheltyakov said that Donbass and Russia maintained ties when the region belonged to Ukraine, but in the time of hardship this cooperation became even closer.
"Zemlyachestvo Donbassovtsev (Fraternity of Donbass People organization) has been helping us, organizing out various events."

Zheltyakov cited Russian singer Joseph Kobzon who often performs in Lugansk and Donetsk as a perfect example of cultural liaisons.
"Our performers visited Russia a lot this year, there were no such tours in the 25 years (of Ukrainian rule)."

The round table takes place in Donetsk National University. The experts from DPR and Russia, ministers, bloggers, journalists and Primary winners discuss the implementation of the Minsk Agreements, as well as October 2 Primary outcomes in view of establishing new administrative elite in the region; and inter-regional cooperation with Russia. *ot