Donetsk, Nov 17 – DAN. DPR leader Alexander Zakharchenko extended his congratulations to the Republic's youth on the International Students' Day and wished them to achive their goals.

"The Donetsk People's Republic is a young and developing state. We have high expectations for youth and students. You are the future. And you are already actively engaged in building our state. I wish all you of you to achieve your goals, hopefully, you are aiminh high," Zakharcheno said.

He noted that graduates employment programs are actively developing in the DPR, and young people work in state agencies in various spheres. DPR leader expressed a hope that gradually Republican youth will assume the power and will continue developing the Republic.

"Each of us makes his own history. However, together you create the DPR future. You are our basis for development and prosperity, for dreams of new achievements, let the knowledge come easy to you and be a secure guarantee of your future life,"  Zakharchenko added.

The International Students' Day has been celebrated since 1942 and was established to commemorate tragic events in Chekhoslovakia in 1939, when Chekhoslovak students took to streets protesting against Nazi occupation. Gestapo arrested 1,200 of them, nine students and professors were executed without trial on November 17 in Prague.  *ot